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Our Village Initiative seeks to make homeownership and wealth creation more attainable to communities of color by designing solutions to break barriers and help residents save, invest and own their legacy.

Our Goals are to increase the rate of homeownership, increase the balances in savings and emergency fund accounts and increase the financial acumen of communities of color. 

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Goal#1: Help 100 Families Become Homeowners

  • Provide Financial Assistance* toward home purchase (restrictions apply)
  • Connect You To The Team You Need
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Goal #2: Help 250 People Save at Least $1,000

  • Get A Hold of Your Budget and Spending Habits
  • Provide a network to help you accomplish your goals
  • Collective community savings goal of at least $250,000

Goal #3: Help Families Improve Their Finances

  • Solutions based sessions by industry experts
  • Consultation with the experts
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We Keep it Simple, no unneccesary, drawn out post, you want to save so you can build wealth? We want to help you, no tricks, gimmicks or gotcha. Everyone has a purpose in life, ours... to leave the world's inhabitants in a better state than when we met them even if it's to save $1,000.

Black Homeownership Initiative: Work with our partner professionals and qualify for closing cost assistance, than can be combined with other programs for more savings. *restrictions apply

Build Black Wealth Monthly Series: Learn key concepts and action steps to accomplish your financial goals